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Dear Customer

Sub: Engineering Change Notice for change in Risun’s solar cell Size

As part of our “continuous improvement (CI)” program and following the feedback from our esteemed customers, we have adopted a change in the cell size. The cell size will changed to 156.75*156.75mm±0.25mm from 156*156mm±0.5mm.

We have confirmed, at the Risun and some customers side, the power of module can improve 1.0-2.0Watt using the 156.75*156.75mm cells compared to the 156*156mm cells at the same efficiency level. We expect this would benefit the customers in improving the module power. And the module side just need make a little adjustment.

For example, the Risun module size is 1636*992*35mm, please see below chart:


We hope to bring more value to customers with this change. We would appreciate hearing your valuable feedback on this new change. For further details, our customer care and sales representatives will be happy to listen to you on any of your needs or document requirements such as drawings, instruction sheet, etc., 

Date: 20160707

With warm regards

Quality / Sales Dep

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